Screenwriting Directory is a specialized online resource created by The Writers Store and is rooted in our long history with both the business and creative members of the screenwriting community.

The Writers Store launched in 1982 as a privately owned storefront focused on building customized computer systems for screenwriters-this in the days when scribes were still handwriting scripts or working on typewriters. Since then, we've grown to become a respected worldwide authority and the largest reseller of screenwriting and filmmaking tools. We're located in the heart of the film world in Burbank, CA, and we also develop content, courses, services, and specialty software, and are the leading provider of Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter and published screenplays.

Our customer base ranges from aspirants to professional screenwriters. We also work closely with A-list studios, industry executives and production companies on a daily basis. It's this experience and the relationships we've fostered over the last 30+ years that's allowed us to create a resource like Screenwriting Directory. We have a deep understanding of the needs of each member of the screenwriting industry, and have incorporated our knowledge into every facet of this site.

All the listings we include have been personally verified and contain a range of industry insiders, from ambitious upstarts to established studio shingles, along with management companies who package production deals and independent financiers/distributors with a production wing. For each listing, you'll find the kind of useable information you need: Street and email addresses, whether they accept unsolicited material, and how they prefer to receive the work. This is the kind of reliable intel you need to significantly up your chances of script-selling success.

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